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Ecosmob Technologies Announced To offer FreeSWITCH Conferencing Solution

Ecosmob Technologies announced to offer conferencing solution to conduct audio, video and web conferencing in Freeswitch.

ARLINGTON, Texas - Feb. 27, 2017 - TelAve -- Ecosmob Technologies is one of the leading IT companies from India. The company has been serving its customers for more than 9 years. The main operational office of the company is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company has been offering various innovative solutions to its customers. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced about their conferencing solution.

As per the details shared by the spokesperson, the company will be offering conferencing solution to its customers and prospects across the world. There are 3 different types of conferencing solutions offered by the company. The types of conferencing solution are listed below:

• Audio conferencing solution
• Video conferencing solution
• Web conferencing solution

"Businesses are leaping the geographical boundaries nowadays. There are so many companies which deal with the international clients. Also, there are MNCs which have remote offices in different cities and even countries. Here, conferencing solution can work as a boon. This solution can be used to conduct different types of conferences among different business entities. This will furnish businesses with smooth communication and collaboration.", shared spokesperson of the company.
As per the details shared by the company, the stated solution will be developed in the FreeSWITCH technology. The selection of this technology is to ensure offering a robust and scalable solution to support hundreds to thousands of conference participants in parallel without compromising quality of conference. This conferencing solution can be used to connect all business entities from anywhere, any time.

The offered conferencing solution ( will provide a whole range of features, which are listed below:

• HD Quality Video
• Crystal clear audio
• Audio conferencing
• Video conferencing
• Web conferencing
• Screen sharing
• Mute/ Unmute
• Mute All/ Unmute All
• Entry chime
• Exit chime
• Raise hand
• Conference recording
• Name mapping
• Contact book

• Polling
• DTMF based features
• Dynamic conference creation
• Different modes of conferences
• Music on Hold
• Live conference view
• Active Speaker Display
• Start conference
• End conference
• Pin mapping
• Email notification
• Roll call
• Logs and Reports
• And many more

"Each business has different communication needs. An audio conference solution is sufficient for some businesses. While for some businesses, video conferencing solution is must. We are working in this industry for almost a decade and thus we know this diversification of needs. That's why we offer different types of conferencing solutions to the businesses. They can select the conferencing solution, which fits with their needs at its best.", shared the spokesperson of Ecosmob Technologies.

The conferencing solution offered by the company is a web based solution. It means it can get accessed remotely by the team members. This makes it a perfect fit for any organization. This will help businesses provide a perfect solution for collaboration. This will increase the work productivity of the team members of an organization. This will directly or indirectly contribute in increasing Return over Investments of the company.

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