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Anita Mai TAN launches Diamond Studded Eclectic Decanter Collection :$890,000

A symbol of purity & clean air dragon & horse decanters anita mai tan of algems

TelAve - Dec. 13, 2014 - NEW YORK -- Anita Mai TAN of Algems is a passionate observer of beauty throughout the world, always hunting for rare, unique gemstones and diamonds. Now, after spending 2 years after her creation of the Million Dollar pen & Iphone cases, she  has created a new collection of the World Eclectic  Algems  Decanter  Collection. Eclectic for the inspiration of the design and the perfection of the Marriage of the diamonds, gemstones, rigorous craftsmanship, and Passion!

Anita has devoted 2 years in the design of the Eclectic Decanter Collection. She wants to attract the attention on how important for all of us to combine our efforts, whatever how big or small, to make the World a better place to live by reducing the GHG emission.

She is partnering with PE Fuels International ( to work on  creating events around the world  to raise the level of the awareness of the importance to reduce the GHG emission.

She will contribute the Dragon and the Horse decanter for an auction in 2015. Industry experts foresee that the Horse Decanter bidding price will start at $680,000 and the Dragon decanter will exceed $ 890,000.00.

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The net proceed, estimated in several millions dollars, will be used for the creation of a non profit foundation to fund projects in the reduction of GHG emission.

Christine Teschl, the President of PE Fuels International, says: "We are  proud for the honor of being selected by Anita as a Partner in that event." PE Fuels is the inventor of fuel enhancer technology which has been tested by Famous Non Profit Organization PIT using the SAE J1321 testing protocol . The result shows that Pe Fuels, comparing to all the current existing fuel enhancer on the market, allows to achieve not only the highest fuel saving consumption but also has the highest ability to reduce GHG emission without any up front investment by the user.

The Ecletic Wine Decanters collection has 2 Unique Pieces in the World and they will be signed by Anita.

First of all, why Decanter:

Decanter allows to separate sediment so we can obtain clear liquid. Decanter also help to allow the wine to "breathe" and to smooth some of the harsher aspects of the Wine.

Anita hopes that her initiative of creating Ecletic Wine Decanter Collection will express her Wish to contribute to make the World a better place to live and to "breathe".

1)  The Algems Dragon Eclectic Wine Decanter ( estimated at more than $ 890,000

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The decanter is A Dragon Embracing the Wine Decanter. Dragon is the Messenger of Balance. Magic, Strength and Courage. It is associated with Longevity, wisdom, super natural power and Benevolence. The Dragon is made of around 2000grms of 18 K gold. It is encrusted from the Head to the tail of 3800 "IF" "D color" diamonds and gemstones for a total of 72 carats. The number "2" in the Chinese means "easy" and "good things come in pair," "3" means "Birth," "8" means "wealth, Happiness"; and the combination of "3" and "8" means "easy."

2)The  Algems Horse Eclectic Wine Decanter ( estimated at more than $680,000:

The decanter is A Horse embracing the Wine Decanter. Horse is Serving man in war, mobility, productivity, agriculture, development of all kinds. As animal, The Horse is by far one of the largest contributor to the enhancement of civilization. It is made of 398 grams of 18 K white gold. He embraces  a  pure 38cts of blue cabochon sapphire . His head is encrusted with 720 of 9cts flawless "D color" diamonds  and 398 fancy cut 7.20cts sapphires.

The meaning of 398 is a combination of "3" (birth), "9" (long lasting) "8" (wealth, happiness) for a total of "2" (easy). The diamond is the symbol of Hardness and longevity.

Anita is planning to organise a series of events where she will invite the top 500 Fortune Companies to work together to support a foundation with the aim to fund clean air projects.


Source: Algems

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