Franchise Construction: Adapting to Wisconsin Conditions

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DE PERE, Wis. - March 13, 2018 - TelAve -- Why One Size Doesn't Fit All for Franchise Projects
When it comes to franchise construction, the flexibility offered in a design-build project may be the most critical factor in properly adapting a franchise plan to local conditions.

"Common building methods used in other parts of the country simply may not be suitable for Wisconsin construction," says Scott Smet, President and CEO of Smet Construction Services Inc. "It may be that only a quality design-build service can take your plan and make it work here."

Some of the building features that provide a standard of brand uniformity for franchise buildings can be the same features that can create challenges in a Midwest climate, challenges that a good design-build contractor can help navigate.

Wisconsin Franchise Construction Considerations
  • Wisconsin weather conditions may require different insulating applications than similar projects in the south or southwest.
  • A single-slope pre-engineered roof that works in warmer climates may cause problems in colder climates where materials expand and contract more.
  • Frost walls are not included in the scope of construction in southern climates but are imperative in Wisconsin to prevent frost from heaving concrete and creating major problems.
  • Normal project schedules and timing may differ in Wisconsin. For instance, instead of pouring the concrete slab in the early stages, winter construction may require that the building be enclosed for proper heat conditions before pouring the interior slab.
  • In warmer parts of the country it is common to use exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) for exterior facade. That material may cause performance and maintenance issues in Wisconsin and may not meet the standards required by local municipalities.

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Factoring in weather conditions and related work are important considerations to understand when scheduling franchise construction in Wisconsin. Smet's experience with local municipalities will bring efficiency and save valuable time.

The most essential element in achieving a successful franchise construction project in Wisconsin is working with a design-build construction company that understands the conditions that are unique to the area, and will adapt the franchise plan in the most efficient and expeditious manner.

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