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MRESENCE - Presence in Mixed Reality

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario - May 9, 2017 - TelAve -- Ecocarrier AR/VR/MR Business Unit is introducing

   Presence in Mixed Reality

Presence has to do with people being together and doing things in the same physical space in real time.

Mixed Reality is a combination of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Physical Reality.

Presence in Mixed Reality Is the experience of Presence without being in the same physical space yet in real time.

Ecocarrier has developed the technology for MRESENCE and is making it available to individuals and businesses as a Managed Service from a cloud-based server to cater to various industry operations such as

·         TeleMedicine in a service named TeleMRedicine or TeleMedicine in Mixed Reality
·         Business video conference in a service named MROWOWS or Conference in Mixed Reality
·         On-Line Medicine in a service named MRedicine or Medicine in Mixed Reality

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·         On-Line Learning in a service named MRearning or Learning in Mixed Reality

Presence in MR or MRESENCE offers many advantages over regular Presence as we know it!

·         MRESENCE is without physical boundary
·         MRESENCE allows for Augmentation of experience or reality with available data and other digital assets over and above both the physical and virtual reality of people doing things

Participants in a MRESENCE event communicate, interact, collaborate with one another and share digital information and other digital assets with one another across the globe and in real time

The components that enable MRESENCE consist of

·         QiiQ ARVRREAL, a cloud-based service platform powered by MRESENCE proprietary software,
·         QiiQ, a HMD (Head Mounted Device installed with a iOS or Android-compliant Smartphone that is embedded with MRESENCE app and
·         Q08 a 360-degree Camera,

MRESENCE is a Solutions-as-a-Managed Service (SaaMS). It is very easy and fast to set up and very affordable.

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With MRESENCE one achieves the greatest Efficacy and Cost Efficiency in work operations for

·         Expert & Field Personnel Collaboration
·         Business Conference
·         On-Line Learning
·         TeleMedicine
·         Family MeetUp across cyber space complete with expression of empathy in VR

About Ecocarrier Inc.

Ecocarrier is an established OTT, MVNO and MVNE rich and resourceful with intellectual properties, engineering and development capability and capacity and experience and knowledge in the telecom service provision space.

Ecocarrier AR Business Unit designs, develops and produces W5GO and PPIXXELLS and various AR/VR/MR-enabled solutions as managed services for commerce and industry under the names MRESENCE, MROWOWS, MREDICINE, Virtuecor, View2Tour, View2Visit, and PizzzAR   www.ara2z.com

Ecocarrier Inc.

Source: Ecocarrier Inc.

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