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PicPocket files continuation to core patent pertaining to the use of geofencing in media aggregation and targeted, mobile advertisement

"Systems and Networks to Aggregate Photo Content for Heuristic Ad Targeting"

AUSTIN, Texas - April 21, 2017 - TelAve -- Leveraging its 2009 priority date for US patent 9,544,379, PicPocket affirms its place as an early pioneer in the real-time, capture, aggregation and curation of crowdsourced content and its use to enhance 'event' -based engagement.

PicPocket's filing, U.S. Serial No. 15/492,683, "Systems and Networks to Aggregate Photo Content for Heuristic Ad Targeting", describes the use of a geofence to associate all manners of media with a unique, live event as well as how companies, advertisers, venues and brands can utilize geofencing to enhance the relevancy of in-app advertisement, sponsorship and merchandising.

Also filed today, its sister application, U.S. Serial No. 15/493,043, "Geofencing of Obvious Geographic Locations and Events", details the use of geofencing for purposes of engaging directly with a consumer's mobile device with the aim of sourcing content related to a specific location and/or event and to offer patrons and eventgoers information, coupons, deals (and the like) which are related to same.

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"We were fortunate to have carved out an early position in geofencing when we did. And while many of our ideas have already found their way into popular social media platforms and mainstream enterprise applications, the company is resolved to vigorously defend and preserve its intellectual property rights," says Wolfram Gauglitz, the company's President and CEO.

PicPocket, Inc. is a big-contentâ„¢ platform with offices in Austin and Dallas, TX. The company plans to support IP licensing strategies with industry leaders in enterprise markets such as retail, property and casualty insurance, citizen reporting, first-responder networks, home and building inspection and others while launching its own, event-focused, social media app/platform.

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Wolfram K. Gauglitz

Source: PicPocket, Inc.

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