Ethereum News

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - Sept. 13, 2018 - -- Sustany Capital, a blockchain venture fund, and Enjin, a gaming company, today announced that together they will promote the adoption of an advanced non-fungible virtual item standard.
Coinolix cryptocurrency exchange platform provides users with a fast and secure way to perform trading of their ERC20 tokens. Here is all you need to know about Coinolix project roadmap.
A Blockchain dating back to 2013 originally programmed by an anonymous developer unveils a new innovation in cryptocurrency finance with a digital note that can re-exchange for a greater share of ETH later on
Cube Chain aims to offer a revolutionary ecommerce platform encompassing five services that integrate into an all-in-one blockchain for ecommerce.
BROOKLYN, N.Y. - July 13, 2018 - -- SOLAREUM is opening up new trade pairs. In cryptocurrency, the term "trading pairs" describes a trade between one type of cryptocurrency and another. For example, the "trading pair" ETH/BTC. With ETH/BTC you can buy...
BROOKLYN, N.Y. - July 9, 2018 - -- Help SLRM raise awareness in the cryptocurrency world by voting for us in a fun little Vote For Your Coin competition we are currently participating in to help the community's (your) voice be heard!
LOS ANGELES - June 19, 2018 - -- Taurus0x, an emerging FinTech player, is launching a blockchain-based protocol to power financial derivatives. After months of development, the California based startup is undergoing the final stages in preparation for...
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