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4U Rackmount Chassis for 10 Drive Bays for ATX Motherboard with Space for 16 ports BNC board

HSI-CHIH, Taiwan - Aug. 24, 2016 - TelAve -- AICSYS Inc., one of the world leading IPC manufacturer of innovative, high quality, most reliable Industrial PC products is delighted to announce our 4U 19" rackmount chassis of RCK-410DA. A versatile rackmount chassis for video distribution solution application with a support window for optional 16 ports BNC connectors board modifiable to fit user's BNC board. (I/O customization available)

The RCK-410DA 4U Rackmount Chassis was designed and developed for enterprise DVR application that requires vast amount of HDDs. It supports (9) 5.25" drives or if using optional multi drive modules, supports up to (15) hot-swappable 3.5" drive bays that can be translated into a total of 3.75 Terabytes recording capacity continuously for day to day of 24 hours recording (up to 16 cameras, 15 FPS per camera, 640x480 resolution). One internal 3.5" HDD space is also provided for system's OS. Two levels of temperature management relies on (3) ball-bearing 12cm fans that provide excellent cooling and a System Environmental Monitor that warns users when the system temperature is above normal.

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AICSYS Inc, RCK-410DA equip-able for the presentations of video entertainment system and surveillance automation control system for video signal distribution and public or private broadcasting such as CCTV surveillance, DVR, cable box, satellite receiver and other standard video devices. It is a perfect video distribution solution for duplication the video signals from one single source to multiple locations at the same time

AICSYS Inc., delivers Industrial IT and automation hardware solutions. These solutions are created from our standard to OEM/ODM products to give and create the prefect ideal solution to your next project to meet the requirement of our customer's application demand.

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Product Features:

• 4U 19" Rackmount Standard Chassis
• Supports ATX Motherboard
• Supports (9) 5.25" external, (1) 3.5" internal Drive Bays
• (2) 2.0 USB ports on Front Panel
• (3) 12cm Ball-bearing Fan and Environment Monitor Board
• Space for BNC card. Modifiable to fit user's BNC card
• Lockable Front Doors and Replaceable Air Filters

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Source: AICSYS Inc.
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