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In a historic moment for digital poetry, Mad Arts museum (Florida) acquires a significant collection of works from theVERSEverse gallery, representing a critically acclaimed and diverse group of poets and artists.
AI in construction, poised for monumental growth, projects a surge from $496.40M in 2021 to $15.1B by 2032.
New England-based Startup Aims to Simplify the Renting Process for Millions of Americans
The all-new °C Rail multipoint airflow instrumentation system from Degree Controls is designed with a versatile array of slidable sensors to accommodate changing test setups.
BEAVERTON, Ore. - -- Representatives from the Media Coding Industry Forum (MC-IF) will be on hand to demonstrate the progress in the development and deployment of Versatile Video Coding (VVC) at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB...
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - -- The Cloud would seem the perfect development environment for Artificial Intelligence projects due to its scalability and flexibility, but software developers are most likely to select a Cloud vendor based on the Cloud-specific AI..
Best Booth NAB Show 2024 includes LiteGear + Original Syndicate demo at Booth C6147 Central Hall - See advanced cinematic lighting and top virtual studio technologies
Audio, Broadcast, Streaming, Virtual Studio, Integration Expert to helm Original Syndicate's Integrated Technologies Offerings
FREDERICK, Md. - -- AKASO, the acknowledged industry-leading, affordable, and high-quality action camera brand is delighted to be soon releasing its new, and much anticipated AKASO Brave 8 Lite Action Camera. Considering the needs of user feedback and...
Best of NAB Show 2024 Keynote Discussions include CTO Marcus Bengtsson "SMPTE Camera Metadata and Tracking for VFX/VP - The Missing Link" April 14, 3:30PM, W3943 Connect Conversation Corner
Savance Achieves Significant Milestone: SOC 2 Type 2 Certification
Selected as one of Europe's highest-potential deep tech scale-ups
Culture Entertainment Network Delivers Diverse Content in the Method that Works Best for Viewers - SVOD, AVOD and FAST
Lights Out, Talent On: The Automation Company Makes Historic Move During Eclipse
PRINCETON, N.J. - -- Tech Up For Women is a collaborative hub for the advancement of women through greater technology knowledge. The organization focuses on new tech trends, education, and networking opportunities to take the fear factor out of...
In celebration of Earth Day, SRI Energy, a leading provider of energy-efficient solutions, is thrilled to promote some great rebate programs. These initiatives are designed to honor our planet by encouraging sustainable living and providing substantial sa
Revolutionary AI-Powered App Streamlines Resume Creation and Job Search for STEM Professionals. Empowering STEM Professionals with AI-Powered Resume Solutions and Job Search Tools.
AUSTIN, Texas - -- In a landmark move that signifies a significant leap forward in the Nutraceutical industry, Sandhu Products has successfully revamped its operational and manufacturing processes by implementing Formulation Pro, a cutting-edge solution..
Martin Brossman & Dr. Justin Rose offered customized training for the Spring PD meeting of the NC SBC Directors on using AI.
Facilitating Eco-Friendly Coffee Transactions with Cryptocurrency Innovations | COJ Crypto Tips to CoffeeDrops® Initiatives