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AirFilterBuy rebrands as FilterBuy and expands its product assortment to match the needs of today's consumer

More than a simple domain name change, the transition to opens the doors for a broader catalog of aftermarket replacement filters. The one thing that isn't scheduled to change? The affordable prices.

TelAve - Jun. 16, 2015 - TALLADEGA, Ala. -- While some companies rebrand in order to create distance from their previous brand name, the filtration experts at are excited to refresh and retool their core mission by adopting a new, more succinct brand name. Previously called, FilterBuy is happy to announce that more than just a name change is in the works. In fact, the updated moniker is simply the tip of the iceberg. Drawing upon the company's strength and depth of experience in the aftermarket filtration field, FilterBuy's new name reflects the fact that the company will expand their catalog to include much more than air filters. The manufacturing team will be adding best-in-class water and vacuum cleaner replacement filters to the FilterBuy catalog in the second half of 2015. These new items will complement the existing assortment of pleated air filters, humidifier filters, and air purifier filters that have been the mainstays of the FilterBuy business. The streamlined new name, expanded catalog of aftermarket replacement filters, and ultra-competitive prices will continue to push ahead of their competitors.

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About FilterBuy - FilterBuy is a US-based organization that has been in the general supply business since 1958. As a division of a family-owned and operated business, the company provides top-quality products to a wide range of customers. With the new rebranding effort currently underway, the majority of the business will be focused on their comprehensive catalog of filters – both air and water-based units. An innovative service that is offered by FilterBuy is the ability to establish recurring shipments of filters to encourage and facilitate regular filter changes. This program helps to prevent filter neglect as well as related damage to critical appliances or equipment in the home or business. With hundreds of filter options available today that cover dozens of filter brands, FilterBuy is well-positioned to accommodate all customers – both foreign and domestic. FilterBuy believes in using Made-in-the-USA products whenever possible. Customer support reps are available to help with any technical questions Monday - Friday, 830-530 EST at 855-345-8289.


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