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In a World of Hackers, Communications Firm Canamex Offers Safe, Encrypted Texting with TeraMessage

When Privacy Counts, Security Experts Recommend Secure, Protected TeraMessage for Hospitals, Companies and Government Agencies

TelAve - Feb. 25, 2015 - With news reports daily on corporate and medical privacy breaches, many companies, hospitals and government agencies are now relying upon Canamex Communications and their important new service, TeraMessage, for safe, secure texting between their executives, medical personnel and employees.  TeraMessage is able to travel completely encrypted between computers and smartphones utilizing existing telecommunication infrastructures and messaging platforms. However, unlike typical text messages which can be intercepted at any point by unscrupulous hackers or simply misdelivered, TeraMessage is completely shielded from private and public networks at all times, nationally and across the globe.

Many pundits say TeraMessage is the new gamechanger for the telecommunications industry. Cost effective, the service does not require upgrading equipment replacing existing paging, computer, or telephone systems, an added plus for cash strapped businesses and nonprofit organizations. TeraMessage is simply delivered with a TeraMessage app easily installed on popular smartphones, and with TeraChat to send and receive encrypted private messages on any computer using a browser. Users can transmit texts along with documents and photographs in a completely secure way. Unlike hosted services, the sender maintains total ownership, secrecy and control of their messages and attachments at all times.

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The benefits are obvious. For medical professionals concerned about HIPAA regulations, TeraMessage provides a HIPAA-compliant way to transmit vital information to colleagues at home or in the field, without the risk of having them compromised, misdelivered, or misappropriated. For sensitive corporate or government communications, TeraMessage allows for the total privacy and security essential to many transactions and assignments. Totally independent from SMS messaging and email, it's essentially a private and impenetrable wireless network between corporate users anywhere in the world.

Within an international climate where online safety has become a thing of every day, TeraMessage offers new flexibility and peace of mind for those who depend on privacy and professional discretion. Encrypted, convenient, and affordable, Canamex and their TeraMessage service set the new standard for secure communications.

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Within its initial expansion plans, Canamex Communications is looking for Dealers and Distributors in the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America.

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