Cryptocurrency News

New partnership between Refereum and Phoenix Labs kicks off with rewards program for Dauntless' 12+ million players
Airdrop Alert the #1 platform for free crypto and a basic entry-level into blockchain
Performance from January to June 'unrivaled' in crypto-asset industry
Refereum's cryptocurrency-based rewards campaign introduces PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS' users to blockchain technology
Derivatives offer this solution as they provide the ability to hedge in volatile markets. PLOUTOZ believes every crypto asset can be hedged and every blockchain community has derivative market.
IBC Foundation will promote and administer Identity-Bound Cryptocurrency (IBCoin) on the Internet, enabling, Financial Crime - Free, Society and Economy.
Xangle's due diligence process confirms Refereum as one of the top legitimate gaming blockchain projects
Creative Investment Research announces the publication of our latest paper on cryptocurrency and monetary policy.
The gaming company's newest listing offers another option to Koreans looking to buy or sell $RFR tokens
Fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange has recently attracted yet another slew of investments, this time from influential blockchain investment institutions Genesis Capital and FBG Capital.
Inspired by the TOP500 list, biannual list of the most powerful cryptocurrency mining pools tracks compute power and economic value