Energy News

Renewable energy and infrastructure a growing business opportunity
Introducing the Inchargeā„¢, a patented, compact magnetic-based energy source that not only produces energy but charges itself.
Conti Solar managed EPC services for NJR Clean Energy Ventures' 10.7 MW, Old Bridge Brightfield Solar Park located in Keyport, NJ.
DOVER, Del. - March 25, 2019 - -- Legendary bandleader Robert "Kool" Bell of Kool & the Gang will be a featured guest at the upcoming Pan African Development Conference, taking place April 10-12, 2019, on the campus of Delaware State University...
First Solar has been an industry leader for over a decade. As a valued partner, we're very excited to attend their event and gain their perspective on the transitions they see in solar economics and the industry's future.
HOUSTON - March 22, 2019 - -- Questtec Solutions announces immediate availability of Questtec Products to be distributed through former Penberthy Channel Partners, enabling customers to continue a "business as usual" approach when purchasing level...
Groundbreaking new Cool Savers program changes how home upgrades are incentivized.
infinimesh has at its heart the mission to simplify IoT, reducing partners' time-to-market and freeing their innovative potential to focus on the next generation of connected products.
SAN DIEGO - March 12, 2019 - -- Today, Locbit Inc. (, an Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer whose cloud platform enables operational business efficiencies, has announced a strategic partnership with Digital Authority Partners, a full...
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - March 12, 2019 - -- Dynamic Design Solutions, Inc. announces the appointment of Randi Lynn as President.  Randi Lynn joins the executive team at a time when the company continues to grow within its traditional market segments...
Infrared Testing, Inc. Helps Companies Save Some Green While Going Green