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UYO, Nigeria - Dec. 13, 2018 - -- Codemint, a research and project website is glad to announce the optimization of education project page and other pages to hold up to 100 project topics, per page without compromising the page load speed. In a bid to...
ANN ARBOR, Mich. & SAN FRANCISCO - Dec. 11, 2018 - -- Philz Coffee, a San Francisco-based coffee shop that is known for their custom blends, has selected Intalytics to serve as its predictive analytics partner for market planning solutions.
In a survey of people who had been patients in mental hospitals, nearly 500 respondents told of an experience that was often traumatic, and frequently characterized by a violation of their legal rights, forced treatment with drugs, and physical or sexual
ALAMEDA, Calif. - Nov. 28, 2018 - -- In a survey and analysis of direct marketing agencies by The Manifest, Gunderson Direct was named as one of the top 25 direct marketing agencies worldwide. The Manifest compiles information on agencies around the...
Radio Listeners want to be encouraged according to new Finney Media Whitepaper
There's more wealth below the seas than above. SSR plans on recovering the most valuable of these shipwrecks that value between 10 million and 10 billion each!.
TORONTO - Nov. 20, 2018 - -- Synced, an AI information service company, announces that its global division has released "2018 Fortune Global 500 Public Company Artificial Intelligence Adaptivity Report". The simplified kindle-formatted report is now...
Does your university have what it takes? The White Space Design Challenge is a cross-university competition promoting white space research.
RCT Preliminary Findings Show Digital Behavioral Healthcare Tools Significantly Reduce Opioid Use
Six university professors join six financial industry leaders in asking the rest of the industry and academics to sign a petition to push for real world solutions to address the gap in academia's access to data, platforms, and insight into the type of ski
DNAtix welcomes Genetics Prof. David Haymer as a new member of the company's advisory board, helping DNATIX broaden its scope of genetics fields.