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MONTREAL - -- With the current COVID-19 pandemic steadily affecting the global supply chain, C3 Solutions - the industry leader in customizable Dock and Yard Management solutions - has noticed a strong focus on their two products' (C3 Reservations and C..
EASTON, Pa. - -- MGN Logistics, Inc, a leading provider of IT solutions for the freight management and transportation industry, announced it was acquiring shares of Transportation and Logistics Systems, Inc., in the open market. "I see huge potential in..
Carlos Luxul's thirty year career in global shipping and logistics has provided him with a fascinating overview of geopolitics and marine vulnerabilities, which has helped shape the plot of his debut novel, The Ocean Dove.
Sri Lankan government's aggressive drive to combat the COVID 19 pandemic from mid-march has been effective, paving the way for relaxing the lock-down on 11th May 2020. The Government of Sri Lanka appointed COVID 19 Task-force had declared all Port related
Robotic Process Automation Used to Move Sales Transaction Data for Route Planning and Scheduling
…Wisconsin company's proximity to domestic customers – plus in-house automation, made-in-USA quality, and improved cost-, time-, and energy efficiencies -- is a welcome respite from international disruptions...
VINEYARD, Utah - -- Today Launch Fulfillment announced their expansion plans and their move to a new facility. The new facility expands their space another 4000 square feet from their current operation. The extra space and expansion come from the rise...
DE PERE, Wis. - -- Product Handling Concepts designs solutions to streamline operations
UNION CITY, Calif. - -- PINC, the leader in digital yard solutions, has been recognized by Inbound Logistics magazine as Top Logistics IT Provider in 2020. PINC has been able to address critical logistics and transportation needs and help organizations...
Why are we now seeing the rapid growth of air pillow machines.
Hubtek's TABi, an industry focused Task Automation Bot, takes on time-consuming transportation management tasks