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LONDON - -- Customer Profile
Combined Expertise in ICT and Wi-Fi Infrastructure to Benefit Global Customers
Mobilize introduces another innovative 5G feature to enhance the camera with rich content and a multi-media experience
CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. - -- Fox&Summit® today introduced the Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 200 (FS-WDS200), a security which marks an improvement on the bestselling Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 100, which was launched last year.
Embedded Electronics Industry Veteran Brings Proven Leadership
LOS ANGELES - -- Fox&Summit® today introduced the Wi-Fi Vibration Sensor for those seeking additional layer of home security or sensing capability. The new smart sensor from Fox&Summit® is a welcome addition to its growing range of sensors...
Securing Wi-Fi Access Points in a suspended ceiling has never been easier.
Wormhole™ to be introduced through select Twitch streamers live at TwitchCon and via Twitch Extension
 Hyper-conductive Conductive Coating for Package Level EMI Shielding  90dB+ EMI Shielding Effectiveness from MHz to Millimeter GHz at <10-micron Thickness
Bigsun Systems now offers Xirrus high density APs and cloud-based network management solutions with Badu Networks' WarpGateway™ to deliver best-in-class enterprise Wi-Fi performance
Klaus Finkenzeller to drive technology development and applications growth