Battery Market is expected to be more than USD 126 Billion by the end of the year 2025

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According to Renub Research latest report "Global Battery Market by Battery Types, Transport Segments, Regions, Companies" the Global Battery Market is expected to be more than USD 126 Billion by the end of the year 2025.

The global battery market is expected to see significant growth in the future, due to the development of the automotive and motorcycle industry. Technological developments and increasing preference for pollution-free hybrid & electric vehicles are expected to drive battery demand over the forecast period. Through technological advances in battery technology have increased the use of various battery-operated devices worldwide. Also, the declining price of lithium-ion batteries and the increasing use of energy storage in various segments had a significant impact on market growth.

Growing environmental concerns around the globe, as well as decreasing oil reserves, are the main factors for increasing electric vehicle battery demand. Advances in battery technology have resulted in faster charging, improved densities of power, and decreased deterioration of batteries. Combined with engine expansion with higher assessment and reliability, battery chemistry improvements have reduced costs and improved vehicle enactment and ability.

Major market driving factors also include declining lithium-ion battery costs, rapid electric vehicle growth, and increasing the renewable energy sector. On the other hand, the mismatch between demand-supply of raw materials may hinder the growth of the battery market.

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The SLI application holds the most significant segments of batteries, which is widely used in traditional combustion engine engines, such as cars and trucks around the world. In the near future, the automotive industry is projected to be one of the biggest end-user markets of lithium-ion batteries. Electric vehicle penetration is expected to provide a massive boost to the development of the lithium-ion battery industry.

A range of different electric vehicle types is now available worldwide, featuring increasing degrees of electrification and hybridization. Numerous types of vehicles are available, including hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. In both developed and developing economies, electric vehicle adoption is growing at a high rate of growth. Together with other developing economies, including India, which has already begun upgrading its public transport infrastructure for EVs, the United States, and China are already leading in global EV sales.

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Market Summary:

By Transport Segments:
Market share and market of Bikes, Automotive, Marine, and Forklift have been covered in this research report. The automotive battery holds the most significant market share than other types of battery, according to Renub Research analysis.

By Automotive Battery Type: Lithium-ion, Nickel–Metal Hydride, Lead Acid, and SLI (Start, Light & Ignition) are covered with market and market share in this report.

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By Regions: Markets of North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East are given in the global battery market research report. According to this report, there is a massive potential for the battery market in Asia Pacific regions.

By Companies: Overview, Initiatives/Recent Developments, and Sales Revenue of Continental AG, BYD Corporation Ltd, Exide Technology, Samsung SDI, SANYO-PANASONIC, LG Chem. Power Amperex Technology Limited is given in the research report.

If the information you seek is not included in the current scope of the study kindly share your specific requirements with our custom research team.

Key Topics Covered :

1.    Introduction

2.    Research & Methodology

3.    Executive Summary

4.    Global Battery Market (2012 – 2025)

5.    Transport Segments – Global Battery Market (2012 – 2025)

6.    Market Share – Global Battery Market

7.    Battery Type – Global Battery Market (2012 – 2025)

8.    Regions – Automotive Battery Market

9.    Regions – E-Bikes Battery Market

10.    Porter Analysis of Battery Industry

11.    Continental AG (Germany) – Company Analysis

12.    BYD Corporation Ltd – Company Analysis

13.    Exide Technology – Company Analysis

14.    Samsung SDI – Company Analysis

15.    SANYO-PANASONIC – Company Analysis

16.    LG Chem. Power (LGCPI) – Company Analysis

17.    Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) – Company Analysis

18.    Driving Factors

19.    Challenges

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