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BIOSHIELD29TM Is the First Flexible, Adhesive Surface Made of Copper to Kill Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungus on Any Surface

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When BIOSHIELD29 is applied to a surface, this innovative product uses the natural antimicrobial properties of Copper to fight and kill microbes, providing previously unavailable opportunities for protection in the battle against infectious disease.

SMITHTOWN, N.Y. - TelAve -- Cu Applied Sciences Inc., a start-up company founded in response to the need for effective protection against viruses, bacteria, and fungus, announced that they have created BIOSHIELD29, an adhesive Copper surface that kills these microbes by contact. When viruses, bacteria, and fungus come into contact with the surface, active copper ions work to trap and demolish the biological threat in at least three ways: by destroying the integrity of cell membranes, creating oxidative damage, and interfering with enzyme activity. Copper has been used since ancient times for its ability to prevent disease, and the antimicrobial properties of Copper have been studied extensively and confirmed by laboratory testing in modern times.

CU Applied Sciences' development team, comprised of a physician, a design expert, and a businessman, saw an opportunity to create BIOSHIELD29, a product based on Copper's antimicrobial properties, to help diminish the transmission of disease in a vast array of applications. BIOSHIELD29 has an adhesive backing to stick to most contact surfaces, so it is able to work in virtually any application such as door knobs, door levels, handrails, push plates, cell phones, faucets, buttons, car doors, and more. To fit these surfaces, BIOSHIELD29 can be cut to any size. The standard product comes in a 6" x 6" square, but any shape and size may be ordered and in any quantity and volume.

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"We are very excited to introduce this new approach to protection against viral, bacterial, and fungal contamination on frequently touched and easily contaminated surfaces," notes Dr. Charles Calabrese, Chief Physician at Cu Applied Sciences. He adds, "We anticipate multiple applications for personal use in the home as well as a broad usage in medical, commercial, and industrial settings. We sincerely hope that our effort will result in an increased level of protection against infectious disease, and that it will help decrease the risk of infection for families in the home and in all business environments."

BIOSHIELD29 is resistant to water and weather and is easily removable, making it extremely flexible for many different applications. BIOSHIELD29's anti-microbial action does not diminish over time, and the product remains active, destroying viruses, bacteria, and fungus indefinitely.

About Cu Applied Sciences, Inc.

Based in New York, Cu Applied Sciences, Inc., was founded in 2020 in response to the need for effective protection against the spread of disease due to viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Our company provides previously unavailable opportunities for antimicrobial protection in the battle against infectious disease with BIOSHIELD29, the first flexible adhesive, natural antimicrobial surface. Our hope is that this innovative product will help protect families and businesses as we return to regular activities and work. Our customers represent a broad spectrum of individuals and workplaces, and the potential uses for BIOSHIELD29 technology span a vast range of industries, applications, and venues. For additional information, visit https://BioShield29.com.

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Charles Calabrese, M.D. - Cu Applied Sciences Inc

Source: Cu Applied Sciences Inc

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