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Capital BPM Announces CapQ IBM BPM - Save 35% on QA

GREENVILLE, S.C. - April 4, 2017 - TelAve -- Capital BPM announced today the availability of CapQ, an integrated test solution for IBM BPM. Aligning Quality Assurance (QA) to the fast-paced business process management (BPM) delivery lifecycle, CapQ enables businesses to go-to-market faster by reducing QA cycles by 35% or more.

CapQ, developed by the Innovations division of Capital BPM (CapLabs), drives alignment of QA to the promise of BPM.

Lightweight, real-time and immediate testing for business processes, CapQ fulfills the business desire for agility and aligns with the BPM delivery lifecycle — key requirements to stay relevant in today's competitive marketplace. Providing 100% business process test coverage, CapQ helps mitigate risk by ensuring you account for all scenarios in your business process testing.

Max Young, the CEO of Capital BPM, said, "We were seeing our customers take longer to test all the scenarios and interplay paths across processes than it took for us to build the BPM solution. [But] that did not make business sense.

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"CapQ reduces testing cycle costs & time on average by 35% or more. It's a game changer for our clients who are demanding agility for their BPM testing cycles and want to avoid the long tail QA process. Our customers now wonder what they did without CapQ."

CapQ allows companies to achieve value faster from the business transaction and outcomes, instead of spending additional funds, resources and time aligning to the BPM testing cycle.

About CapQ

CapQ is a web-enabled, light weight software created by CapLabs. It's designed to accelerate business process management (BPM) time to value. CapQ keeps pace with the changes in processes, automating the testing cycle with a friendly user interface, fully mobile-enabled, and bulk business data loading capability. It processes data-driven reports based on automated test scenarios and it is mobile friendly and ready for cloud implementation.

About Capital BPM

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Founded in 2011, Capital BPM is an IBM Advanced Business Partner for Digital and Process Transformation. As a strategic enablement partner, we equip our clients' leadership and staff with the skills, methods, and tools to respond quickly to an ever changing business and competitive landscape. We provide expert services and tooling born from our wealth of experience to allow you to get back to why you are in business. Capital BPM is driven by four major principles: customer first, customer enablement and that processes and decisions are valuable assets. We are proud of the work we do to solve some of our clients' biggest challenges.

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Kiesha Frue / Communications Manager

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