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Car Title Loans Offer an Option for to Financial Relief in Times of Need, says Car Cash Loans

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The Los Angeles based lender comments on a recent article saying that non-credit based loans can be a lifesaver in sudden financial emergencies.

LOS ANGELES - Feb. 7, 2019 - TelAve -- A January 11 article on Futurity reports that people who grow up in financial service deserts without access to banks or financial institutions are negatively affected in the long-term. The research showed that people in those situations were slower to apply for credit when they became adults and tended to have lower credit scores because they were unable to connect easily with a bank at a young age. The study reported that this impact on their credit scores alone was similar to a $6,000 reduction of an annual income. Los Angeles based lender Car Cash Loans says that this makes a big difference in people's abilities to deal with future financial crises and it also highlights why non-credit based loans are often the best solution for sudden emergencies.

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While some people may have good credit and thus the opportunity to take out loans easily, those who grew up in financial deserts may not have as many options when it comes to loans. That's why, the lender says, that a automotive title loan can help with a sudden expense by receiving a loan based off of the value of a vehicle one owns. Since the loan is against the car, there is no need for a credit check. Car Cash Loans says that one of the main aspects that customers appreciate about this arrangements is that they keep possession of their car while the loan is being paid off. This allows for customers to continue with everyday life while still getting the money they need. The Los Angeles based lender adds that that this loan option works particularly well in Southern California, as most people have at least one vehicle per household already that can be used in the loan.

Car Cash Loans understands that people have different needs and sometimes a car title loan (https://carcashloans.com/car-title-loans-los-angeles/) isn't the best fit for their customers. This is why the company offers pawn loans as well. In this type of loan, the company says that they keep the vehicle in a safe and secure location while the loan is being paid. Logically, the lender notes that this type of loan works best for secondary vehicles that customers don't need on a daily basis, such as an RV or motorcycle.

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Whether a customer comes from a financial desert or not, Car Cash Loans says that they are here to help with non-credit based loans. Those who are interested in learning more about Car Cash Loans can call 800-988-5020 or visit their website at https://carcashloans.com.

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