China Cancer Drug Market will surpass US$ 30.5 Billion by the year end of 2025

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Cancer is one of the biggest burdens for so many public health departments across the world and China has even more cancer patients due to growing population at rapid pace. According to GLOBCAN, nearly 2.9 Million new cancer deaths happened in China in the year 2018. If we talk about cancer incidence, this rate is much lower in China rather than United States and United Kingdom. But when we talk about mortality rate, China mortality rate is almost 30% to 40% higher than the United States and United Kingdom. Moreover, increasing diagnostic center, improving cancer treatment therapy and acceptance of targeted drug therapy will further boost the China cancer market in forecast period. However, expensive cancer drug and various side-effects will also hinder the market. According to Renub Research Analysis, China Cancer Drug Market will surpass US$ 30.5 Billion by the year end of 2025.

China cancer drug market has grown rapidly in historical period and it is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period. There are various factors that will help the market to outperform; rising ageing population in China, changes of lifestyle and food habits, rising incidence rate of several type of cancer, rise in tobacco smoking population due to expansion of urbanization in China, improving healthcare infrastructure and facilities in China, increasing per capita disposable income, rising per capita healthcare expenditure, improving awareness regarding cancer risk, potential due to emerging economies etc.

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Renub Research report titled "China Cancer Drugs Market, by Drugs [Cytotoxic Drugs (Antimetabolities, Plant Alkaloids, Alkylating Agents), Targeted Drugs, Monoclonal Antibiotics, Hormonal Drugs, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), & Others], Cancer (Lung, Stomach, Breast, Esophageal, Liver & Others), Therapy (Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy, Hormonal Therapy & Others), Companies (Merck, Celgene, Eli Lilly, Roche & Sino BioPharma)" provides a complete analysis of China Anti-Cancer Drugs Market.

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China Cancer Drug Market Insight by Drug Type

In this report, China cancer drugs market is fragmented by drug type into six parts; Targeted Drugs, Cytotoxic Drugs, Monoclonal Antibiotics, Hormonal Drugs, TCM and Others. Cytotoxic Drugs type is further categorized into three parts; Antimetabolites, Plant Alkaloids and Alkylating Agents. Currently targeted drugs have more ability to kill malignant cells and it is quite popular because of higher success rate and efficacy.

China Cancer Drug Market Insight by Types of Cancer

In this report, we have done in-depth analysis of market by types of cancer; Lung, Stomach, Breast, Esophageal, Liver & Others.

China Cancer Drug Market Insight by Therapy

According Renub Research, targeted drug therapy is growing significantly in China due its higher efficacy and success rate than other therapy. In this report, we have design multi-dimensional approach to study all the cancer therapy which includes various important variables such as prime factors that support market growth, opportunities in each therapy, challenges faced by particular therapy etc.

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By Drugs

•    Cytotoxic Drugs

o    Antimetabolities

o    Plant Alkaloids

o    Alkylating Agents

•    Targeted Drugs

•    Monoclonal Antibiotics

•    Hormonal Drugs

•    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

•    Others

By Cancer

•    Lung Cancer

•    Stomach Cancer

•    Breast Cancer

•    Esophageal Cancer

•    Liver Cancer

•    Others

By Therapy

•    Chemotherapy

•    Targeted Therapy

•    Hormonal Therapy

•    Others

Companies Covered in the Report

•    Merck

•    Celegene

•    Eli Lilly

•    Roche

•    Sino BioPharma

If the information you seek is not included in the current scope of the study kindly share your specific requirements with our custom research team.

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