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Comedy Chart Leader The Canadian Comedian Releases NEW Comedy

The CD entitled WTF and Other Shit - A Conversation With An Asshole featuring original materials by The Canadian Comedian & DJ is hitting virtual store shelves Monday. With decades of performing live in Canada and the USA, this is his first CD.

EDMONTON, Alberta - Sept. 27, 2016 - TelAve -- As the title may suggest, this is not a CD for kids. It hits on topics ranging from the Trump - Clinton battle for the White House to appropriate Tattoos through to Technology and relationships, among many other topics.

Known as The Canadian Comedian, the comedy has consistently been in the top of the Reverbnation charts in Canada and Worldwide. Some of his top material in the charts have been A Bear & Iguana Smoke a Joint, Why Smokey the Bear Has No Children, Internet Dating and many others.

The language can be foul but not overly used and is appropriate to the jokes and conversations he has with the audience. The CD is not for all as it is rated Mature, although The Canadian Comedian is far from it. He has appeared in clubs throughout Canada and the United States going back to the early 90's. He has been offered to go on tour but it was never the right time for him personally and when it was the right time, the offers were not there. Just like his sex life.

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Get your copy of WTF & Other Shit - A Conversation with An Asshole by The Canadian Comedian starting Monday on Amazon. It will be released on other platforms later but is being released initially through the exclusive Amazon store.

33 minutes, 13 tracks
UPC: 191091170021
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