Delta airlines pet policy

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Traveling with pets is no less than a responsibility. From making sure they are fed properly to being locked in the cage so that they don't trouble the people around. Hence keeping a pet at home and taking it along on trips or maybe on an outing is very risky. If you are traveling in your car, then things are fine but if you have to take the public mode of transport such as traveling by air, then airlines issue their travel guidelines.

Traveling with a pet in Delta Airlines

All types of Delta Airlines Reservations, there is a normal flight booking but if you wish to carry your pets along then you need to follow the guidelines of pet policy. To find out about the rules to take pets in the flights, tap down.

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Rules to carry pets in the Delta Airlines

1. Just like the normal flight reservation, even for the pets, Delta Airlines follow the concept of first come and first serve. If you come first, you will be allotted a booking for your pet.

2. Similarly, Delta Airlines allows carrying pets in a few flights only hence before you make up your mind, cross-check if your flight allows pets or not.

3. You can only take small puppies or kittens along with you and that too two in business class, two in the normal economy while four in the main cabin.

4. Before taking pets, get a full check-up from your Vet that your pet is not sick or allergic

5. Also, put him in a well-locked cage and make sure it has ventilation for it to breathe.

You can also ring up on the reservation helpline number of your airline and inform them that you wish to bring a pet.

And hence that's all! In case you face any doubt, you can ring up the customer care team.stats
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