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Georgia Integrity launches "Reviews for charity"

TelAve - Nov. 20, 2014 - DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. -- Hello again.  I just ran across an idea that I believe is a super idea.  You see, for over a year I have asked my clients to review my service (what a very awkward thing to ask by the way).  I have even offered to PAY for these reviews in the form of a rebate check.  But something just didn't feel right about paying for reviews.  It rubbed against my ethical belief of integrity a bit.  I also knew it would not be sustainable.  The one review I received, while offering to pay, was not even a good review plus the check was never cashed!  Enter epiphany stage right.  Well not really an epiphany, but it is what I believe to be, one of the best ideas I have heard about getting reviews.  ANNOUNCEMENT:  Georgia Integrity will donate 3% of our profit to Faith In Action for every review we receive from our clients or realtors.  The goal is $10,000.  Faith In Action has been putting into the communities of west metro Atlanta since 2005, and is really changing lives and helping people.  Dale Carnegie said in helping others get what they want in life, then you will have everything in life that you want.  Georgia Integrity firmly believes this and that a strong business can only thrive in a strong community. We are part of this community too.  The charge is simple.  If you think we have done something valuable, tell us.  If you would hesitate to refer us to your family and friends, please honor us enough to let us know this too.  Your feedback will strengthen this company and our community.

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