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Continuous monitoring of blood glucose is one of the important devices that provide information on blood glucose levels in real time and helps find a comprehensive pattern of blood glucose levels within 24 hours (288 reading). CGM provides real-time reading every five minutes. Moreover, CGM is quite better than glucose-meter because patients needn't prick their finger all the time. CGM is suggested for patients with daily hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and Glycemic goal. According to this research report Global Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Market is expected to surpass USD 5.6 Billion by the end of year 2025.

The main variables that fuel the development of the industry are; many researchers around the world show that CGM is quite efficient than glucose meter, increased per capita revenue, growth in ageing population, simple to use, rise in general diabetic population, etc. Besides, enhancing state-of - the-art technology will further enhance the continuous monitoring device for glucose in the future. Several clinical trials have been conducted worldwide and the results show effective use of CGM and better control of glucose meter glycemics. According to Renub Research Analysis, CGM's reimbursement has enhanced significantly in many developed countries, and coverage is also quite inclusive.

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Renub Research latest study "Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Market, Users, Reimbursement Policy, Global Analysis, CGM Components (Glucose Sensor, Transmitter) Market, Diabetes (Type1 & 2) Population, & Forecast" provides a detailed and comprehensive insight of the Global CGM Market.

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Scope of the Report

CGM Market & Forecast: In this report, CGM market is fragmented into two parts; CGM transmitter market and CGM Sensor Market. The report covers 11 countries along with their growth factors.

CGM Users & Forecast: The report has computed CGM user of top 11 countries. Historical data is computed from 2011-2019 and forecast data is shown from 2020-2025.

Reimbursement Policy: This report provides changing picture of Reimbursement Policy on CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) globally and for all the 11 countries given in the report. Reimbursement model of 11 countries that will give the reader overall situation of CGM acceptance across private and public hospitals and insurer.

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Diabetes Population: Report covers population & forecast of 11 countries (Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes)

Growth Factors: This report studies the key factor that would help the CGM industry to outperform.

Challenges: The problems being faced by the CGM technology and industry.

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