Guitarist Denis Taaffe releases 250th album!!

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Modern Rock Guitar Vol.250 'Populations'
Guitarist Denis Taaffe releases his 250th full length instrumental new age rock guitar album!!

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - March 10, 2018 - TelAve -- Guitarist Denis Taaffe has released his 250th album called Modern Rock Guitar Vol.250 'Populations' Available via Amazon, Cdbaby, Itunes and others.

Denis uses electric guitar and guitar loops done on the fly and bass emulations on guitar to create what he calls "new age rock guitar instrumentals that focus on moods and atmospheres".

Surprisingly, all of Denis's album tracks are improvised on the spot and performed and recorded live in the studio by himself with no additional overdubs.

Since his debut in 1999, Denis has followed up with a flurry of albums in his modern rock guitar series. In 2006, he completed and released 76 albums in one year.Denis mentions that Albums 1-200 are rock based and that 200-250 are more new age based and mixes of the two styles.

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When asked why release so many albums, Denis explained 'Well, each album explores different themes and because they are improvised on the spot, its always exciting to see what direction they go in musically'.

Denis continues "Also, I like to listen to them,so I create new content to listen to.Also, each album improves on the last hopefully as far as sounds,sound quality and musical ideas in the hopes of capturing those magical moments where everything comes together and each album explores different musical ideas"

Denis has no intentions of stopping anytime soon and at this rate, may become one of the most prolific musicians ever. His albums are not about album sales or selling concert tee shirts ,it really is about the music itself in its pure form.

Any fan of instrumental music or guitar and I would add film music would be advised to take a listen to Denis's albums.You wont be disappointed.

you can sample his latest album here:

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