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Hollywood Mystic Preps New TV Show

Producer Rebecca Ellen Kurtz Explains and Challenges Our Beliefs

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - March 9, 2016 - TelAve -- Rebecca Ellen Kurtz is a best-selling occult author. She writes and produces projects based on her extensive knowledge of mysticism, ancient religions, archaeology and much more.

For well over a decade, Rebecca Ellen Kurtz has been fascinating her loyal readers and mesmerizing live audiences. Her topics often include the occult, mysticism, ancient religions, archaeology and their interrelationships. More specifically, "Rebecca Ellen has spent countless years accumulating research on the trans-cultural, trans-era historicity of spiritual and multi-dimensional beings not bound by previously held beliefs of physics but opening the mind to understanding the laws of quantum physics."

For as long as she can remember, Rebecca Ellen has craved knowledge and understanding of what the ancients knew and believed. After spending most of her life voraciously researching, she is now considered by many to be the leading authority on the topic. Although much has been revealed in her best-selling "Sons of God" book series, Rebecca Ellen told us, "That's just the beginning!"

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"I have no personal beliefs that I want others to accept,"
Ms. Kurtz explains. "I continue to discover alternate truths, alternate realities. The ancients have revealed a tremendous amount of wisdom and advanced knowledge. When you combine this understanding with the occult, mysticism, ancient religions and archaeology, you begin to see the many levels of reality – you begin to see beyond this physical realm. Combine this with the knowledge of the world's greatest minds and enlightened mystics – and you have a level of knowledge and understanding that few have ever experienced."

Rebecca Ellen Kurtz excels in many areas. As a talented film and television actor-producer and radio personality, she is uniquely qualified for her newly-announced TV show. Each episode will reveal fascinating aspects that Rebecca Ellen has learned. Weekly guests will include the world's greatest minds and most enlightened mystics. Watch for its premiere. Get ready to experience higher levels of consciousness . . . and prepare for the possibility that you may just be transported to a "higher dimension" and experience "a clarity beyond what you previously knew."

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