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How a Technical Illustrator Became the Bone Finder

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HUDSON, N.H. - TelAve -- Bob Perry is the foremost expert on discovering unmarked graves and mapping cemeteries. The Vietnam Veteran became was asked to re-draft and computerize hand-drawn maps from the early 20th century, for a local cemetery and he was thrust into the niche market of providing cemetery mapping services.

He established himself as the nation's preeminent Cemetery Geophysical Specialist and wrote the first reference book on the subject, showing cemetery caretakers how to move their maps into the digital age.

With thousands of cemeteries and burial grounds in the United States and Canada and hundreds of thousands of unmarked and unknown graves, The Illustrated Reference Guide to Cemetery Mapping Techniques & Applications shows interested laypersons how to map gravesites.

Perry also offers a program that trains others how to do what he does and has been consulted to work with law enforcement and film productions, including when the History Channel filmed In Search of: The Lost Colony of Roanoke and Disney's Hocus Pocus.

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Bob Perry is available to speak on:
  • Mapping, locating unmarked graves at the Congressional Cemetery
  • The importance of mapping historical cemeteries
  • His consultancy for projects on The History Channel, the Travel Channel, Destination America, Disney, and others
  • How ground-penetrating radar can rule out false possibilities before an archeological or other dig
  • How to tell the difference between a grave and other buried objects
  • Mysteries he has been asked to help solve: the West Virginia serial killer, James Childers; the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos; and missing POW/KIA military in South Vietnam
  • Tools and equipment he uses in his business and why they are necessary
  • His work with homicide investigations, archeologists, and film producers including searches for: DB Cooper, haunted houses, vampires, a skyjacked airplane, a lost colony, and lost gold
ABOUT The Illustrated Reference Guide to Cemetery Mapping Techniques & Applications

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The Illustrated Reference Guide to Cemetery Mapping Techniques & Applications is a detailed, illustrated manual filled with everything anyone would want to know about mapping cemeteries. The book covers all phases of cemetery mapping, from site survey and computerized drafts, to software necessary to complete the job. This specialized book is the only one of its kind and is vital to the cemetery industry. It includes tutorials on field mapping, scanning and redrafting old cemetery maps, and how to use ground-penetrating radar to locate unmarked graves and open burial sites. The case studies make interesting reading for anyone who likes a good ghost story, whodunit, or true crime.


Bob Perry

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