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Hyper-conductive Coating for Component Level EMI/RFI Shielding

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Components of 5G devices need package level EMI conductive coating for shielding Component package level spray coating requires special contact pads sealing All 5 sides of the exposed components must be shielded with conductive coating AI Technology, Inc.
 Hyper-conductive Conductive Coating for Package Level EMI Shielding
 90dB+ EMI Shielding Effectiveness from MHz to Millimeter GHz at <10-micron Thickness

PRINCETON, N.J. - TelAve -- With more than 35 years in providing EMI conductive coating and sealant,  AIT is proud to launch its hyper-conductive coating for component level EMI shielding. EMC8660 at 4-8 micron cured thickness provides more than 90 dB shielding effectiveness from MHz to GHz and millimeter wave EMI/RFI. Thicker coating provides as much as 110dB shielding effectiveness can be achieved.

Hyper-conductive EMI Shielding with Complementary Supporting Materials for Precision Coating on 5-Sides of the Components
With the advances of 5G and the coming 6G cellular and wireless Internet communication that operates at 6GHz and higher, the need of effective RF electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI) shielding between the devices onboard of the cellular, computer and communication devices that have high shielding effectiveness, cost effective and spacing saving becomes more demanding.

EMC 8660 is designed to be precision coated and cured onto components ready for direct mounting and soldering at board level. These advanced hyper-conductive coating yield the required high shielding effective for the 4G and 5G cellular products.

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Component Package Level Conductive Spray Coating Requires a Sealing Pad for Protection and Handling
In order to completely covering all 5 sides without affecting contact interconnection interface surface, precision jet-spray of the conductive coating must provide precision coating without sipping.  The solder balls and contact pins on interconnection interface side must be sealed off from jet-spray coating.

AIT provides complementary component package supporting conformable carrier material that will "absorb" the interconnection studs or solder balls that can be heat release easily after the curing temperature and process for the epoxy-based conductive coating. Needs a conformable sealing pad allowing the package solder balls and pins submerged.

  • AIT HRP-100M and HRP-450M are 100-micron and 450-micron thickness conformable supporting carriers for stud bumped and BGA packages respectively.
  • These conformable supporting carriers withstand coating curing at temperature up to 175°C. The adhesion strength dropped after curing temperature and process. The component package can be easily picked for board attachment.
Advanced Conductive Epoxy Coating Building On Over AIT's 35 years of EMI shielding Experience
With over 35 years in providing EMI/RFI shielding coating and sealant to military electronics, AIT has one of the most extensive experience in providing these component package level shielding applications.

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