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Indie musician Wistful Sound Gazers longs for the simple things this Christmas with his nostalgic holiday music video

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Orchard Enterprises has released the music video "Lite Up The Tree" by Wistful Sound Gazers on social and retail media sharing websites and digital device apps.

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. - Nov. 17, 2017 - TelAve -- The latest video from indie artist Wistful Sound Gazers for the soundtrack version of the holiday original "Lite Up The Tree" has been released through indie distributor Orchard Enterprises and can currently be seen on Vevo, as well as being available for download on iTunes. Orchard Enterprises will include the video on the Radial Channel with the upcoming release to YouTube.

Lite Up The Tree was written, performed and produced by singer, songwriter, producer Ron Christopher, who says, "the disheartening events of this year really hit me, as I think they did for most of us. I know there's good in the world, and good people around us, but taking in so much at the pace we're now witnessing-- how are we processing this, if we are at all?"

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"Making this video helped clarify for me that despite some moments of feeling overwrought, the holidays this year can still be, and are meant to be about the joy of giving, and togetherness. And just simple things. And memories we make that live forever and become tradition for the rest of our lives. "Lite Up The Tree" celebrates what makes Christmas time so special. And, especially this year, I think we could all use more of those simple joys."

Similar to the new video, throughout Christopher's electronic, acoustic alternative music abounds songs of perseverance, and conquering challenges through faith, beginning with the debut "Bliss," to his most recent, 2017's Wishful Is What Wistful Does.

Next up for Wistful Sound Gazers is a new single and music video slated for spring of 2018.

Listen and view "Lite Up The Tree (Soundtrack Version)" below, or to watch more from Wistful Sound Gazers visit Vevo.

Follow WSG's journey. Visit www.wistfulsoundgazers.com

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