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INTENSITY Beyond Fitness LLP is our brand name of the business. We will provide the premium health & Fitness services to the population. Our business is based on the two simple facts which are as follow

We are focused towards changing people's lifestyle by offering and educating area population.

Our concern is to provide premium health and fitness services in various location of Ahmedabad.

At INTENSITY, we tie population directly to the health and fitness issues. We believe that traditional approaches to the current health care alternative are point in the wrong direction. These traditional efforts are what we call sensitive, for example we wait until we have been stricken with illness or injury, and then pay for the necessary treatments. Our contemporary approach, which emphasizes prevention and good health and fitness promotion, is much more proactive.

By helping Population, change their activity patterns and choose more healthy lifestyles, INTENSITY will lower their health care expenditures, while raising healthy lifestyle. Better lifestyle will reduce stress and mental fatigue, boosts natural energy, Cure sleeping disorders, improves cardiovascular function, healthy appetite which also helps to reduce and control bodyweight and fat percentage etc.

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INTENSITY encourages and creates opportunities for people to design healthy lifestyle for self, their family and friends. We are agents of change, and we are dealing for Future Obesity, so we called ourselves FOPSA (Future Obesity Problem Solving Agents). High Tech age appropriate cardio equipment and health and fitness planning tools are utilized to improve individual wellbeing status with targeted personal interventions.

We will offer numbers of the fitness activities and programme to our clients by our premium services. We also focus on the wellness strategy which is design on long-term effort, combining both health-promotion and exercise-related activities designed to facilitate positive lifestyle changes in members of Intensity.

List of Fitness Activates


Weight Training

Group Fitness

Wellness Programs such as Exercise and Stress management, Exercise and Time management for personal leisure activities

Corporate Memberships

Body Transformation Program

Medical Gym Facility


Exercise for Special Population (senior Fitness)

Kids Fitness (Child Obesity)

Diet Counseling and Nutrition Program

If you want to more information about our valuable Fitness Training and our Health club in Ahmedabad feel free contact us.stats
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