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Interactive Book Provides Plan for Competitive Talent Acquisition

Announcement made by Rollis Fontenot III, president of Ascend HR Corp that the Talent Acquisition digital book will be released on August 3, 2016. Free sample is available for immediate download.

HOUSTON - Aug. 2, 2016 - TelAve -- Ascend HR Corp President, Rollis Fontenot III, announced the release of his new book, Winning the Talent Acquisition Game with Recruitment Process Enhancement, available for pre-order on August 2, 2016, with a release date of August 3, 2016.

Fontenot's book lays out practical solutions for finding, hiring, and retaining top talent in an increasingly competitive HR marketplace. As President of the #1 Recruitment Process Enhancement firm that offers recruitment by monthly subscription, Fontenot wrote Winning the Talent Acquisition Game to address fundamental changes in the hiring process. Ascend HR Corp uses a business model that is client-focused, and Fontenot explains, "Since our approach is different, many potential clients ask, 'What do you do to help your clients?' So I wrote a book to accomplish two purposes: 1. To help growing companies hire better and faster, and 2. To let potential clients know our approach and philosophy toward recruitment."

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Winning the Talent Acquisition Game gives Executives, Managers and HR professionals access to insight, strategies, and experience from a team offering innovative recruitment process enhancement services. Ascend HR Corp HR Specialist, Kathy Kinzig, explains the book's power: "Recruiting in today's market can be a challenge, and not all of us have robust, experienced in-house recruiting experts to help. This ebook is a must-have, power-packed resource for every HR person who struggles to recruit the best, the brightest and in less time. It doesn't just tell you, it gives you many tools and resources to actually DO what it says and gain a competitive advantage."

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The hiring process isn't just complex, but it's also rapidly changing. Employers often compete in a global marketplace for top talent, and Winning the Talent Acquisition Game is a comprehensive, results-oriented manual of best practices. Covering topics like writing effective job descriptions, active and passive recruiting enhancements, using HR resources effectively, and creating your best shortlist, Fontenot's book doesn't just rely on Ascend HR Corp's considerable expertise. Fontenot also cites dozens of professionals – both in HR and in a wide range of industries – who share their experiences in the recruiting and hiring process.

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The choice to release Winning the Talent Acquisition Game as digital was a forward-thinking, strategic one. Fontenot said, "I decided to go the ebook route instead of print, because this medium allows me to share better examples in both picture and video. Digital books offers the most vibrant and interactive set-up available." Fontenot adds that the book will be available on the iBooks store beginning August 3, 2016

About Rollis Fontenot III: Rollis Fontenot III is President of Ascend HR Corp, the company that designed the ground-breaking HR Maximizer recruitment process enhancement service that offers full and partial recruitment services on a monthly subscription, reducing the time required to fill a job while finding the best talent available in the marketplace.

Rollis Fontenot III

Source: Ascend HR Corp

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