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Hotmail account is used by a number of users in order to send and receive information across the world. It helps you to share appropriate information to the clients and users every day. At times, most of the users unable to get back their Hotmail account when they access their account after so long. If you don't know the process of getting back your Hotmail account and searching it over the internet by writing that how to get my Hotmail account back on the search bar, you will get the multiple answers to solve this problem.

However, on this page, you will learn a very simple process to get back your account easily at any time. If you are one of them having such kind of the trouble fix this trouble without getting delay.

Following are the ways to get back Hotmail account soon:

·       At first, visit the Hotmail account website page and click on the log-in button to access.

·       If you face any trouble then you can select the recovery page by entering the URL address https://account.live.com/resetpassword.aspx to regain access to your Hotmail account.

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·       You will be asked to enter the security answer to the questions that you have set up during registering your account.

·       You can select the details of the account and get the message of recovery and enter the new password.

·       Enter the new password into both new and confirm password field to get back your account soon at the end.

Additionally, if you are still unable to access after forgetting the password and unable to get back your account Hotmail account, you are required to fix it immediately. But if you don't know how do I get my Hotmail password if I forgot it, you need to understand the basic concept of resolving this error soon.

Following are the ways to get back Hotmail account when forgetting it, unfortunately;

·       At first, make sure that you have tried to sign-in your Hotmail account using the correct email address and password.

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·       If you face any trouble select the forgot password button and enter the mobile phone number and select the verify button.

·       A verification code would be sent to your phone is required to enter into the field that provides you a recovery link.

·       Enter the new password to get back your Hotmail account soon finally.

For further help regarding the Hotmail account, feel free to contact our tech support number of our team at any time.

Other methods to get back the Hotmail email old account

You can also recover the account to gain access to the Hotmail account with this process.

Use Security Questions. You can easily reset the password of Hotmail account by verifying your identity by answering the security questions correctly.

Use Email Address. You can also use the method of email ID with the temporary code sent on the alternate email ID.

Along with this, you can also use the manual form which is provided to prove your ownership by validating the identity.stats
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