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NEMTAC® Brings Innovation to Accreditation Industry with the Launch of Collaborative Network Built on Distributed Ledger Technology

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NonEmergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission
TEMPE, Ariz. - TelAve -- Tempe, Arizona - The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission® (NEMTAC) announced today the launch of a new platform to facilitate their accreditation process, marking the first time an accrediting agency has deployed collaborative networks and distributed ledger technology to reduce the administrative overhead and automate the manual processes of industry accreditation.

"Traditional accreditation processes are barriers to driving best practices into industry because applicants spend so much time preparing materials, and reviewers dig through mountains of documents to assess compliance," said Effie Carlson, President of NEMTAC.  "We are passionate about improving safety and quality.  What better way to achieve this goal than making accreditation more accessible and enabling companies to shift their focus to continuous operational improvement and compliance."

NEMTAC's accreditation platform is powered by ProCredEx, an innovative technology company that uses collaborative networks to dramatically improve traditional credentialing and compliance management processes.  ProCredEx enables transportation providers, brokers, payors, and regulators to use am industry-wide platform for credentials management, real-time reporting, and automated audits, while still fulfilling the unique requirements that each member must meet across their own commercial and regulatory relationships.

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"NEMT credentialing was broken.  Every company had their own tool for collecting driver, vehicle, and organizational credentials.  Compliance was measured manually using sampling.  Fraudulent credentials were commonplace," said Peter Hicks, Executive Director of NEMTAC.  "ProCredEx changed all that and we believe the improvement is so impactful, that all NEMTAC accredited organizations will use the ProCredEx platform for credentials management and timely facilitation and maintenance of accreditation processes."

NEMTAC also becomes the first accrediting body to document successful completion of its process with a fraud-proof digital certificate.  Now any organization can immediately and automatically verify accreditation status with 100% reliability.

"NEMTAC is living its values.  Empowering organizations to heighten their focus on quality and safety while reducing administrative burdens is a gift to the industry," said Adam Cohen, COO at ProCredEx.  "NEMTAC's use of technology to further its mission will act as a blueprint for others as they seek strategies for operationalizing data and removing redundancies."

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NEMTAC's digital accreditation platform is live and NEMT providers can begin using the platform to become accredited, immediately.  For more information, or to get started, please visit www.NEMTAC.co/accredit.

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Peter J. Hicks, Executive Director



ProCredEx, Inc.

George P. Bosnjak, Chief Partnership and Member Development Officer


(816) 600-4200

Peter J. Hicks, NEMTAC
George P. Bosnjak, ProCredEx

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