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New Virtual Hub Card is a first of it's kind for business

Sending your Virtual Business Hub Card directly to your clients phone is a powerful tool!

ROCKVILLE, Md. - Nov. 16, 2017 - TelAve -- More than a business card, the vCard is the gateway to all there is about you for your clients and contacts. Depending on your type of business, they will not have to Google to find websites or links for information – or worse,  possibly come across competitors for your business while searching online.

Think of these as much more than regular business card. You can attach a picture, a biography, social media links, website links to news articles, information about degrees and certifications, and many other things.

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If you were to refer or be referred by a partner or coworker to a client,  they would be able to see the vCard and feel like they already know you before they've ever spoken to you.

Traditional business card exchanges are often ineffective. People often lose or discard them vs. storing your information in their database.

Ensure that they have your information and make future connections seamless.
From now on, when someone asks you for a business card,
you just tell them to text your name to 39000.

Text vCard to 39000 to find out more or visit our website


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