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Online vector editor and amazing 3D and animation|Drawtify

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Drawtify, an online graphic design software, was launched in 2020. Not only does it have built-in 3D and animation editing, but it's also free. Like its vector editor and photo editor, it is both professional and easy to use.

SAN JOSE, Calif. - TelAve -- Stunning 3D effects, animation effects, and micro-interaction design are undoubtedly the most prominent graphic design trends in 2020. Usually, they are made by independent professional software. However, the online graphic design software Drawtify released in 2020 not only has built-in 3D and animation editing functions but also free to use. Like the accompanying vector editor, photo editor, layout functions, and typography tools, it is professional and easy to use.

Although, only the simplest design tools can create beautiful graphics. However, professional design features are still the secret weapon for creating stunning graphic content. Of course, for non-designers, ease of use is the most important. For example, a more friendly control interface, editable design templates, rich design plug-ins, and huge online resources.

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Obviously, the next chapter of the development trend of graphic design software is the further integration of professionalism and ease of use. For example, Drawtify, its purpose is to "make design easier."

Drawtify is a fully functional online graphic design software based on vector editing. Importantly, Drawtify has the following important advantages.
1. The very friendly design center
With high-quality editable design templates, you can not only start designing faster but browsing them can also stimulate your creativity. The "design task navigation" on the left can help you find your favorite editable design templates more intuitively and faster.
2. Huge online resource library
Thanks, Pixel & Unsplash. Drawtify has built-in huge online resource library. Including elements, pictures, icon shapes, backgrounds, and color schemes. Therefore, it can help you obtain design resources and materials faster. Of course, you can also upload image resources. Or use its rich built-in design plug-ins, such as barcodes, QR codes, charts, and maps.

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3. Amazing word processing ability
Based on the vector editing function, Drawtify's word-processing function is very good. For example, text to path, text art typesetting, etc.
. 4. Excellent
The rich photo editing function will reorganize the photos. For example, image filters, various photo frames, background removal, mask and montage effects, etc.
. 5. Smart drawing and layout
You can draw shapes and adjust the layout with one click. Drawtify can help you get more amazing visual effects in a simpler way.
6. 3D effects and animation editing
It seems that this is not the responsibility of the graphic design software, especially the animation editing function. However, Drawtify did it, and it was easy to use.

For more surprises, please visit https://drawtify.com for more information.


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