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Partiac App a Step in the Right Direction for Nightlife Technology

LOS ANGELES - Nov. 1, 2016 - TelAve -- The Partiac App launching this holiday season is making a splash amongst demographics spending their free nights out on the town. The company behind the app has incorporated some of the most state-of-the-art technology while striking the right balance between providing a great user experience and ensuring privacy protection.

Soon to be one of the most impactful apps released to iPhone and Android, its developer is Partiac, a company looking to change the way we plan our nights together. With the app, the most popular and vibrant events, specials, and rewards are gauged with a live pulse of each venue's crowd. While other app developers are looking to throw their hat into this industry, Partiac distinguishes themselves by providing a high quality experience while adhering to privacy standards.

While using the app, users can swipe through all of the nightlife activity around them, with a live gender and age breakdown of each venue's crowd. This includes data showing which venues are most popular as well as which ones are attended by their friends. The tool works in real time, and provides a precise, responsive gauge of all nightlife activity, from bars, restaurants, nightclubs, concerts, and other events. Users are able to receive push notifications from their favorite venues and invite their friends to join them. Locals and tourists alike will now be able to find the exact scene they are looking for each and every night.

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The app also helps users earn rewards from participating venues. These can include discounted drinks, cover, and a number of special promotions. This has proven to be a successful feature among the user base.

The data and tracking system is optimized for highly-congested, diverse locations, especially metropolitan populations around Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, etc. With consumer privacy and confidentiality becoming a larger, mainstream topic, many users have concerns about similar location technology being invasive. Partiac respects these boundaries, maintaining complete user privacy while delivering the most optimal experience from the app.

About Partiac Inc.

Partiac Inc. is the developer of the Partiac app, which is promoted as the first live and interactive nightlife network. The company and its apps have been featured in many software articles and publications, including TechCrunch, Finextra, Business Insider, Nordic Startup Bits, Efma, and more. For additional information on the app or to download it, visit


Source: Partiac Inc.

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