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Raising $25,000 to launch new product to help blind dogs globally

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Founder builds product to help her vision-impaired dog, now wants to make it available to blind dogs everywhere.

SYDNEY, Australia - Feb. 26, 2019 - TelAve -- Being blind doesn't have to stop your pet living its best life. Our device gives owners piece of mind while their pup is wandering the house and building up their 'mental map'. It's pretty simple, it bumps into obstacles before the dog does and can be put on or taken off with a click!

Designed as a one-off in Australia for the Founder's miniature dachshund (Hansel) who developed blindness, we decided it could help other blind dogs out there and are now raising $25,000 to fund the first production run. With the dog population at around 90 million in the US alone and blindness prevalence estimated around 0.39%, there's alot of dogs we can help!


The See 4 Me product was designed by the Founder, to help her newly blind miniature dachshund (Hansel) adjust to being blind. Hansel was boisterous in life and boisterous in blindness - running head first into things full speed. He was otherwise completely healthy besides the blindness, however was having a rough time bumping into things - it wasn't nice to watch.

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See 4 Me wins on simplicity and ease of use. The product has a detachable overarching arm which has been aerodynamically designed to guide obstacles up and over the arm, which attaches to a special clip enabled harness. The arm can be taken on or off with a click.

We've just launched our crowd-funding campaign and are raising $25,000 to fund tooling required & first order (MOQ). We will be offering not only a discounted pre-sale price, but also the opportunity for people without blind dogs to opt to donate a headset to a blind dog in a shelter.

Crowdfunding link:  https://igg.me/at/see4me

Full media kit, images & logos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5pv7a63yn6w3yy4/AACHJhg9JAzApqURJ-vJKz0fa?dl=0

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