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Smart phone App That's SMART! Sends Messages And Ringtones To you

A SMART phone App that Sends Messages And Ringtones To you. It remembers when you forget. By creating simple areas and setting up messages to yourself you can now remember simple tasks just because your phone knows where you are.

BELFAST, U.K. - Nov. 30, 2016 - TelAve -- Geo Change It is the New App that works out where you are and sends you the reminder you set up. This App was created because my wife has an App that she starts to pay her car parking but forgets to turn it off when she leaves the car park! And she is charged over the time she was parked.

So I made this App that sets up an area that when you enter or leave sends a screen message and tone to you on your phone so you can remember tasks like setting your phone to silent, say for Church, Library, Court, Hospital, Etc. Then resetting it when you leave the area rather than forgetting you had it on silent if it's an iPhone.

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If it's an Android, the phone will change it automatically for you! It will go to a chosen ring tone and then change back subject to how you set your area/Zone up. We wanted to do it for iPhones as well but the operating system will not let us … maybe next release?

You can set Zones up to be simple reminders, like when leaving work to message your partner to say you're on your way or on a child's phone to say they are too far from home or when entering an area and you want to change your music to a news station; there are thousands of reasons to have a simple screen message and/or tone sent to you as a reminder when entering or leaving a zone that's simple to set up in the App. is the web site; come see how easy it makes life.

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