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Somebody Just Spent $22,000 on Digital Crypto Collectible Eggs

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The hype for the new blockchain game, World of Ether, is so great that one single player spent over $20,000 in a few minutes on 36 "presale eggs."

NEW YORK - Feb. 20, 2018 - TelAve -- Here are some things that can be purchased with $22,000:
4 Kawasaki Ninja Bikes.
A Honda Civic.
College tuition at some universities.
A year of rent in many Manhattan neighborhoods.
4 Saint Laurent Leather Jackets.
A house.
And now...
36 virtual eggs that exist only on the Ethereum blockchain.

Having transacted over $60,000,000 in the past two months, crypto collectible dapps are the new biggest craze in blockchain. The most anticipated of these games is World of Ether (https://worldofether.com/).

This recent Friday, a new excited presale buyer spent $22,000 on almost 40 of the game's presale eggs. Each egg costs a minimum of .6 ETH, and this whale bought 36 of them.

Most of these crypto-games are simple in game mechanics and design, and copy a template from previous games (oftentimes CryptoKitties).

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World of Ether does not do this. Everything in it is custom made and highly stylized. It's being designed to compete artistically with top mainstream video games.

In World of Ether, "explorers" battle, breed, and collect monsters, which they can sell and sire for ETH. Explorers can also level up, gain experience from battling, and get permanent credit for discovering new monsters.

World of Ether sold half a million dollars of presale assets in its first two days of release. It's already appeared on the biggest crypto YouTube channel, Altcoin Buzz.

One week ago, it announced a partnership with Coinbase's Toshi.

The game is founded by the co-founder of the largest Ethereum meetup group in the world, and his brother, who's a senior developer at GitHub.

Most crypto collectible games are available only in English. World of Ether is the first to be available in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, French, and Spanish. EtherCraft, another popular crypto-game, comes close, being translated into Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

In its Telegram, World of Ether is being predicted to help bring crypto to the mainstream.

The game's full version will be released at the end of March, 2018. Almost 1,800 presale eggs have been sold so far.

Source: World of Ether

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