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Did you know that Red Packets are the best way to share crypto with your friends and family? Or did you know about SWFT Blockchain's staking-like feature that allows you to earn passive rewards?

Do you know the exact number of currencies that you can swap on SWFT Blockchain? Or better yet, do you know how to get 50% off your swap fees when using SWFT Blockchain?

Melchis, our Business Development Manager, and Pablo, our Marketing Manager, answered all this and more during our AMA (ask me anything) last Wednesday! Although they were overwhelmed by the hundreds of questions received during the hour, Melchis and Pablo had planned ahead and were prepared to answer as many questions as possible during the AMA.

For many SWFT Blockchain users, Wednesday was their first chance to learn about why SWFT Blockchain was created and what is in store for the future. They also got some insider tips on how to make the most of SWFT Blockchain by buying SwftCoin SWFTC to get 50% off on swap fees and swap freely with only 0.1% fees per swap.


Many people asked about what makes SWFT Blockchain so special, with one user even asking why they had to use it. After assuring them that they did not have to use any wallet in particular, we mentioned they might want to use SWFT Blockchain because it lets them swap over 180 currencies for each other in seconds with only 0.1% in fees per swap and lets them use SWFT Pay to instantly send over 100 currencies to anyone, anywhere, over any messaging platform with a link or as a Red Packet. Of course, these are not the only features that make SWFT Blockchain unique, so we went and made the following recipe:

👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 Recipe for SWFT Blockchain:

💵 180+ currencies

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💱 15,000+ possible swaps (trading pairs
💸 Payments
🏷 Discount tokens and Token lock-up
🔒 Cold-storage security
Sprinkle all that with Red Packets!

There were some who wondered why SWFT Blockchain had not introduced a staking-like feature so they could earn passive rewards by HODLing. They missed the launch of our Finance section in the app, where you can participate in a token lock with SwftCoin and get daily earnings!

We also got asked about why SWFT Blockchain and SwftCoin were founded and spoke a little bit about how we set out to address some of the issues in the world of crypto. Before SWFT Blockchain, trading one cryptocurrency for another meant going to one exchange, trading for BTC, sending your BTC to a different exchange, and then trading that to your desired currency. That process was complicated, time-consuming, and risky. We wanted to make getting from currency A to currency B easy and fast, while guaranteeing the best rate. SwftCoin was born in order to give our users discounts on fees and give us a bigger liquidity pool to make sure that our cross-chain swaps take seconds. SwftCoin is also used as a clearing and settlement token on SWFT Blockchain.

Some people wondered what our security process was like and were reassured to hear that SWFT Blockchain uses multiple layers of cold-storage, 2 factor authentication, Touch/Face ID and more to make sure that their assets are safe. Our partnerships with avant-garde blockchain security companies like AnChain.AI and SealBlockIO ensure that our customers' assets are as safe as possible. This was also a chance for us to continue encouraging our users to activate all the necessary protocols to keep their assets safe. We ask that all our users keep their passwords safe and activate 2FA by going to settings in the SWFT Blockchain app and turning on the Google Authenticator.

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What's next?
The AMA was also our chance to address questions about the future of SWFT Blockchain. Questions ranged from what currencies would be added next, to what features we were planning on introducing in the future. AMA participants were happy to hear that although we are definitely thrilled with our development so far, we obviously have bigger plans. We are always trying to improve our product and adding features so that they can get more done with SWFT Blockchain. Recently, we added features likediscount tokens and token lock-up so you can earn passive rewards. We are also looking forward to adding a referral dashboard so our users can track easily their earnings from referrals. Our goal for 2019 was adding 100 more currencies on top of the 100 we had available in January. It is August now and we are almost at 190 currencies, so we will probably meet our goal this month and may be able to reach 250 currencies by the end of the year!From a business side, we have also been focusing on developing more wallet and DApp partnerships. We are already powering swaps on wallets like Math Wallet and Elastos Elephant Wallet and we are busy integrating with other wallets, DApps, websites, and online business to further enable cross-chain swaps, smart deposits, decentralized swaps, and crypto payments.

After all, we were able to grow during the bear market thanks to our team and our active investors and mentors like Draper Dragon at Draper Venture Network.

Our favorite question, however, was related to why we created Red Packets.
We created Red Packets because we wanted to help people spread their love for crypto. And what better way to do that than actually sharing crypto?

We didn't come up with red packets. Red envelopes have been around in China for centuries. Even WeChat has their own red packet feature. We are one of the first to bring red packets to crypto and we let you share red packets filled with over 100 currencies.

Spread crypto love! Share Red Packets!

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