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The Martini Shot Launches A Sci-Fi Martial Arts and Fashion Franchise

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The Martini Shot - Chastity The Martini Shot - Gia The Martini Shot - Brooke The Martini Shot - Sara The Martini Shot - Jane F.R. Perro, Inc.
The Martini Shot. An industry term for the final take of a film. For The Tactical Samurai, it was just the start of the adventure.

BOSTON - TelAve -- The Martini Shot is a fashion/adventure comic, photographed panel by panel, that tells the exciting origins of the Tactical Samurai.  Released on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, The Martini Shot is a mash-up between Vogue Magazine and Marvel Comics, serving as the launching point for an original sci-fi & martial arts film franchise from Perro Worldwide Comics.

The Martini Shot tells the origin story of seven Hollywood action-stars whose successful film franchise, Intergalactic Ninja Society, comes to an end after their latest movie bombs at the box office.  Overnight the stars go from A-List to D-List.  No more glitz, no more glam, and an inglorious future of late-night TV infomercials looms all too large.  But that's when the real adventure begins.  With their screen-ready martial arts skills, Chastity, Gia, Brooke, Sara, Jane, and Dale take to the streets in a reality series, playing hero for real, and finding themselves in a cosmic adventure so incredible, it's like something from one of their movies.  That adventure will be revealed in the upcoming feature film, Teriyaki Chicken Rescue, scheduled to begin production in 2023.

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The Martini Shot is available on Amazon in five variant covers.  It is written by author and filmmaker Chip Perro and photographed by Rick Perro.

Deborah Perro

Source: F.R. Perro, Inc.

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