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The Most Awesome Budget Ever – by Grant Abbott, Leading Australian SMSF Expert

And why it offers terrific revenue growth opportunities for financial advisers

TelAve - May 14, 2015 - SYDNEY, Australia -- In this special edition Budget 2015 webinar, Grant Abbott provides his insights into a budget he lovingly describes as one which "stirs the cockles" of his heart. In particular, he covers how it relates to the SMSF sector but also why it offers some outstanding revenue growth opportunities for financial advisers.

With many Australians still reeling from the "austerity budget" of 2014, Grant describes this year's as a "rollback budget" designed to wipe out many of the nasty changes proposed last year.

He outlines the proposed measures that are expected to positively impact Australian entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and SMSF trustees, touching on changes to:

● Small business taxation concessions and deductions
● Taxation of employee share plans
● Capital gains tax for small businesses changing legal structure
● The regulatory framework around crowdsource equity funding

Importantly, Grant describes in detail how these measures might be monetised by the advisers who provide guidance to these groups, such as accountants, auditors and financial planners.

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He details the various opportunities that exist for any advisers willing to consider new strategies and structures for growth, and how they might go about implementing them.

The webinar includes the very timely announcement of two new NowInfinity products offerings:

● An online entrepreneur platform, providing a highly efficient set-up service for key new business requirements. Look out for the release of "Start Up Package" very soon.
● An Employee Share Plan offering provided in conjunction with Succession Plus, which will be available from 1st July.

Grant also provides a detailed overview of the new ways SMSF advisers may now be risking civil penalties reaching up to $36,000.

To watch the full presentation, and receive a code to attend Grant's SMSF Strategies Day for a discounted $195 (regular price $540), click here:

For more information on SMSF Strategies Day events in each capital city, go to: SMSF Strategies Day with Grant Abbott

Grant Abbott
+61 2 9331 8664

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