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US Auditors Gain Access to Financial Data at the Push of a Button

AUSTIN, Texas - Oct. 8, 2015 - TelAve -- Validis, a leading developer of financial software solutions, today announced its entry into the US market. Its solution, designed to streamline and orchestrate accounting processing, uses a patented process to transmit client financial data in 3 – 8 minutes. Without this solution, auditors and other consumers of business financial information have had to rely on client data creation and transmission or tedious data backup and restore processes as the first step in reviewing financial data. Validis eliminates this bottleneck and saves valuable time while delivering up-to-date financial transparency for accountancy and audit firms.

The Validis application adds efficiency to the data extraction process through a secure cloud connection to a company's accounting package. Once connected, the application creates a complete set of standardized reports and online analytics for use in reviewing and interpreting the financial results. It enables an auditor or underwriter to quickly move from low value data extraction to high value analytical activities.

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Validis has been used by a number of consumers of business financial information. Accountants, financial institutions, and business owners have all benefited from one-click access to company financial data which can be shared with authorized users both inside and outside of a company.

Steve Lawrenson, Partner and the Advisory Analytics and Innovation leader of Deloitte, stated, "Validis facilitates connectivity with our clients in our markets, simplifying interactions with client personnel and providing enhanced access to client data in a secure manner." He added, "The ease of use, consistency of reporting, and quick turnaround contribute to improved client service and delivery. We are also pleased with the level of support provided, both to our practitioners and support teams. Validis sets a high standard in the service it provides."

"Validis was the brainchild of financial professionals and we are thrilled to see them enjoying the benefits of the software today," stated Simon Leech, CEO of Validis.

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About Validis

Headquartered in London, with offices in Austin, TX, Toronto and Dublin, Validis is committed to providing accountancy firms and global businesses with a secure, fast and simple automated alternative to the traditional methods of data transference required during the financial review process.

With over 20 nationalities across our global team, Validis is a mixture of bright financial business heads, expert technologists and highly specialized customer support staff working together to provide an unrivaled service.


Joel Curry, VP US Sales | 512-514-6932

Joel Curry

Source: Validis

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