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Vimeo's new AI-powered video hub, Vimeo Central, unlocks a video-first strategy for enterprise USA - English USA - English APAC - English

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NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2024 ~ Vimeo, the world's leading video experience platform, has just announced the launch of their latest innovation - Vimeo Central. This secure and AI-powered video hub is specifically designed for business leaders and their teams, aiming to enhance communication, extract valuable insights, and foster a more connected and productive organization.

The introduction of Vimeo Central comes at a time when video communication is rapidly becoming the preferred medium for company-wide interactions. However, this shift has also resulted in the fragmentation of crucial information that is often hidden within various one-off meeting recordings, town hall replays, and video walkthroughs. This decentralization of knowledge across different workplace tools has made it challenging for employees to find and share relevant information, leading to poor collaboration, low engagement levels, and decreased productivity. Additionally, valuable knowledge is often confined within videos that lack engagement and interactivity.

According to IDC Analyst Marci Maddox, "Video has tremendous value as both a communication medium and a continuous source of knowledge." She further explains that organizations are increasingly turning to video for team collaboration and employee engagement in order to improve productivity. However, these companies require a secure and centralized video hub that can assist employees in their daily tasks while tapping into the collective knowledge made possible by AI-powered video tools.

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Interim CEO of Vimeo Adam Gross emphasizes the urgency for effective team collaboration and employee engagement in today's distributed work era. He points out that companies like Whole Foods, eBay, and Zuora are already utilizing Vimeo Central because they understand the importance of helping their employees create, find, and share knowledge across teams through the unique power of video. With Vimeo Central now available to companies of all sizes, becoming a video-first organization is within reach.

Some key features of Vimeo Central include an enhanced Video Library with integrations with popular tools such as Zoom, Webex, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box for easy upload and advanced search capabilities. The platform also boasts AI-powered tools that can automatically condense hours of video into a short highlight reel, generate video details and text-based summaries, and even allow users to ask the video specific questions to find a particular moment in the recording. Additionally, Vimeo Central offers a recording studio with a built-in teleprompter, an editor for polishing messages, and collaboration tools and integrations for a more connected workflow. The Events feature provides a highly engaging viewing experience through Venues, designed to promote audience interaction and foster employee connection. And with team-level analytics and a robust API, companies can gain valuable insights into how their employees engage with videos.

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One satisfied customer of Vimeo Central is Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora, who says that video is core to how they run their company. He explains that Vimeo's centralized suite makes their asset library and editing tools easily accessible to all employees, enabling them to become a "video-ready enterprise." Connie Wu, head of business development at Asana - one of Vimeo's partners - also expresses excitement about the integration of video into their workflows. She believes that this will streamline communication for teams working across multiple tools and enhance collaboration in today's hybrid work environment.

To learn more about Vimeo Central and how it can transform your company's video strategy, visit their website at www.vimeo.com. With over 300 million users worldwide - from creative storytellers to globally distributed teams at some of the world's largest companies - Vimeo continues to lead the way in providing innovative video experiences for all.
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