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Woolrior Announces Merino Environmentally Friendly Socks

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The best eco-friendly running and hiking Merino wool socks available with a lifetime warranty!

LOS ANGELES - TelAve -- Socks might be just socks to most people, but the quest to find the longest-lasting socks know to man has been unfounded. Why shouldn't socks last a lifetime and also be eco-friendly to our environment? Woolriors are proud to present eco-friendly, guaranteed for life Merino socks. Woolrior socks are socks of the world, for the world. An idea born in the US, and a product made in the EU. All Woolrior socks are made of the finest, ultra-warm Italian merino wool yarn, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Summer runs, winter walks, all year round hikes, everyday wear. Wherever you're going, whatever you are doing, Woolrior socks will bring you lasting comfort and durability. The Naturetex plasma treatment given to each sock, makes them naturally antibacterial and thermolite. It's a revolutionary, chlorine-free process, involving treating the wool using just air and plasma. This modifies the individual wool fibers, altering the scales on the fiber surface that cause felting. It also helps maintain the structural integrity of the socks, so they keep their shape through every wear, every season.

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Read more: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1850708343/woolrior-socks-shapeshift-reducing-waste?ref=discovery&term=woolrior

Woolrior are socks that last and last! It's easy to take socks for granted. However, our feet certainly feel different when we don't wear them. And I you work on your feet all day, ever day, you really need the comfort and softness that socks bring to stop your feet from feeling sore. That's why Woolrior recognizes the important role socks play in protecting the feet of everyone, especially servicemen and women. If Woolrior raises the funding they need, they will be giving serving military and police personal a permanent 20% discount on Woolrior socks.

About Woolrior

The creators of Woolrior live on two continents, separated by an ocean and they work in businesses that are very competitive and difficult. And on both continents, they suffer the consequences of increasing waste disposal, most of it coming from fashion. This is why they decided to join forces and try to develop socks that are ecofriendly, durable, and are made mostly of natural yarn. The wool is sourced from ethically raised sheep, and Woolriors are made of the finest Italian merino wool yarn, on state-of-the-art equipment abiding by the highest quality standards.

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