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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - -- The Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) recently announced its awards finalists for 2019. The actual awards (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) will be announced at MWSA's General Membership Conference on September 14, 2019, in...
CHARLESTON, W.Va. - -- Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc., of Johnson City, Tennessee, is proud to see Betsy Blossom Brown, by Kathleen M. Jacobs, highlighted in the Greenbrier Valley Quarterly.
Green Bay, WI, Author takes a fresh spin on the new Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel. Bloodborne Awakened is the debut young adult urban fantasy novel for Tracey Laviolette who resides with her husband in Oconto, Wisconsin.
Beacon Audiobooks has just released "Fatechanger: Book One: Penny Lost" written by author L.M. Poplin and narrated by Dan Gilvezan. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!
Beacon Audiobooks has just released "Dandelion Summer" written by author Mary Ellen Bramwell and narrated by Kay Webster. Available in audiobooks format worldwide, download your copy today!
CHANDLER, Ariz. - -- For years, Bible Illiteracy and Bible apathy has been on the rise ( in the United States, even though 70% of Americans respect the Bible and 60% wish they read it more, fewer...
Beacon Audiobooks has just released "Phoenix: Field Of Mars," written by author Jackie Anders and narrated by Lydell Storm. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!
Gayla M. Mills' book offers "a doorway into the endless joys of making music, for everyone at any age." — Bernard Holland, Music critic emeritus, The New York Times. It shows readers how to live and age well with music.
LIVONIA, Mich. - -- Divine Intervention by Spencer Stoner is the first book in the new Ophelia Legacy graphic novels series. Centering around the adventures of Ophelia, a mercenary-for-hire in the fantasy world of Honua, the series features a colorful...
HOUSTON - -- Author David R. Gross Releases New Historical Fiction Novel, Defender of the Texas Frontier
August 15th is 815 or Rockford Day, and Poplar Grove based publisher Tales of Wonder and Dread Publishing has released a new book to honor that date.