Electronics News

Use an iPad or iPhone to monitor sensors connected to ENVIROMUX® E-MICRO & E-1W units and acknowledge/dismiss alarms.
BEST Inc. has moved some of its IPC training and certification classes to an online format in order to allow for accreditation from a remote location.
New Widget built on innovative sensor technologies that collect and deliver information about users' surroundings, track health and fitness data, and send updates.
New equipment installation for quick-turn testing and enhanced customer service
One of the most advanced and feature rich EVE displays ever made. Available in SPI or USB, with Audio and Wide Voltage options for industrial use.
The world's fastest multiport USB Hub up to 40Gbits/s; charges/syncs up to 16 USB 3.2 devices simultaneously at Thunderbolt speeds and at up to 2.4A per port.
Designed to Survive Anywhere! Rugged new outdoor touch screen monitor which will operate in nearly any environment.
GD Rectifiers announces new distribution agreement with Meth Srl and Meth Kft
Access and control dual-head USB computers with NTI's Dual Monitor KVM Switches & Extenders.
James Harding receives promotion to Director of Operations .
AI thermal proximity temperature screening solution for a moderate to high traffic entrance. Takes temperature readings of people as they walk by the camera. Sounds the alarm if the threshold temperature is reached or exceeded. Pricing as low as $2249 for